evergreen state!


I'm in downtown Everett, Washington, waiting for the Amtrak up to Bellingham. Just biked 10 miles through the lovely Snoqualmie Valley from my sister's place in Bothell, passing by lots of cows, farmland and craggy mountains in the distance once I got away from the developmental sprawl of suburban Seattle.

We drove east and south earlier today to visit my dad's friends in Duvall, had lunch in Carnation and stopped at Remlinger Farms where you can pick your own raspberries and strawberries on the way to Snoqualmie Falls. Still a ton of natural beauty around here despite rampant new home construction.

Tonight I'll convene with a couple of friends who have defected north to Bellingham, where my mom, stepdad and grandma now reside. It's a beautiful little waterside town 40 minutes south of Vancouver, and it's already blowing up with Seattle expats tired of the traffic and unaffordable real estate of my hometown. Among other bands gaining national notoriety, Death Cab For Cutie hails from this hamlet. I wonder if their drummer Jason McGerr remembers when his old band Krusters Kronomid opened for my old band Salamander back in the day....

I came out to celebrate my dad's birthday on Tuesday (he flew out from Wichita), and will celebrate a high school classmate's birthday tomorrow night back in Seattle. Amtrak is much cheaper here on the West Coast.

On Sunday, back to New York. A print go-see for Tic-Tacs on Monday, a computer job Tuesday evening, probably a couple of shifts waiting tables at Asian Pub this week... the usual. Life is so much more relaxing without a dayjob and Manhattan rent to worry about. I heart Brooklyn.

Kill The Camera T-shirts are back from printing, and our 7-song EP has been mastered and is awaiting duplication.

next Kill The Camera gig:
Tues 7.31.07 @ Lit Lounge
2nd Ave btwn E 5/6 Sts.
East Village, NYC

www.sonicbids.com/killthecamera [EPK]